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DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, Which is Better?

There are many cables and connectors that allow you to connect various devices to the device. The three current digital video cables are DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


- DisplayPort

DisplayPort is new connector that is starting to appear on many new devices, especially laptops. You can get information about this by simply visiting this website. It is designed to replace DVI and VGA on the computer, but its use is not as much as HDMI. Actually, it is very similar to HDMI, and can stream both HD video and audio cables the same, and can support the resolution up to 1920A ~ 1080 and 8 channel audio on a cable. The advantages, DisplayPort supports HDCP, so you can use it to display HD protected content on Blue-ray and more. You can also attach to an HDMI or DVI port with a converter because the digital signal is cooperative. The disadvantages of a little monitor and TV include DisplayPort port so you have to equip with a converter when you want to combine laptop to widescreen.


HDMI is the default cable on HDTVs, Blue-ray players, Apple TVs, computers and new video cards, and as many other video devices. HDMI cable is easy to install, just as easy as plugging your USB base device. You just push to play. HDMI can stream digital audio and video concurrently over the same cable. HDMI cables hold up to 1920A ~ 1200 HD video and 8 audio channels. Also, it supports HDCP encryption on some of the latest HD content. An HDMI cable lets you hook up a computer or video device to a monitor or TV, and it is a standard digital cable.


DVI is one of the most basic digital video cables on desktop and LCD monitors. It resembles a VGA connector, with 24 pins and analog support also digital video. DVI can stream to 1920A ~ 1200 HD video, or with a dual-link DVI connector you can hold up to 2560x1600 pixels. Some DVI wires or ports may have fewer pins because they are created for low-resolution devices. So you have to pay attention to this. However, if the port contains all the pins then it supports maximum resolution without constraint. The biggest problem with DVI is that, by default, it does not support HDCP encryption, so if your hardware includes only the DVI port, you may not be able to play full HD Blue-ray and other HD content.