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What is DisplayPort?

4K or Ultra HD TV technology will become mainstream technology or common technology in electronic and computer products. Developed by the Electronic Video Standards Association / VESA body. DisplayPort is not an option for electronic devices. DisplayPort is commonly used for PCs to monitor, being the most advanced port. Used since 2008 until now. You can continue visiting our website to get more information about ASUS monitors with DisplayPort.

- DisplayPort 1.2 has a resolution of Ultra HD 3840x2150 60 frames per second. Having a data transfer of up to 4.6GB / s, the maximum resolution is limited only by the maximum available data transfer from the DisplayPort version specification.

- DisplayPort 1.3 showed up at the end of 2014

- DisplayPort 1.4 has capability up to 8K / 7680x4320 60hz

DisplayPort is used for multiple monitors. Generally, those who need this device from designers, programmers or those who often work with computers. Capable of displaying images with a minimum of 3 monitors or more. The DisplayPort developer still continues with version 1.2a like Refresh Sync technology from AMD. With better graphics feature or called Adaptive Sync. This technology for synchronization between VGA and monitor against Refresh Rate. By lowering the frame rate of the image, there is a positive side. VGA or graphics card does not need to work optimally but follow the maximum monitor speed. The other side makes the use of power more efficient because VGA only work as needed only.

DisplayPort is subdivided into several port types. It's called Mini DisplayPort, Micro DisplayPort, DDM, eDP and more. DisplayPort 1.3 has been announced since September 2014. It has the 32.4Gbit bandwidth and can display 5K images with 5120x2880 width. Use of DisplayPort for connection between devices to monitor. DisplayPort uses data transmission such as Ethernet and USB connections. So it is more suitable for the use of the device than the connection of home entertainment equipment. Become the most sophisticated port for monitors currently.